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Lester’s superior quality is not only about improving systematically our products. There are various factors that come together while making a high quality product: excellent materials, qualified workers, vanguard technologies and a carefully detailed design.

At Lester, we have been making these efforts for more than 25 years, with demanding tests in high quality certified laboratories; been the famous “elephant test” our most breakthrough method.

Our quality process is a permanent compromise, and as a proof of that Lester is the first mattress company in Mexico to obtain an ISO 9001/2000 Quality Certificate. Furthermore, we permanently have the first octogonal roll in order to proof the quality of our mattresses at our lab.

But in Lester’s genetics quality is not the only point, since our high degree of innovation allows us to take a step forward in the industry in terms of technology, working methods and product development.

Our “cording” quilting, our articulated beds, the deco box, the electric massage bed; and recently our ultrasound padded system, are clear samples of our innovative development spirit. We improve each of our new products and processes so they can be better than the last, and for it to be the starting point of something new.